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Strength makes professional, trust from the quality - Xuan Yafeng machine!

The machine is the professional manufacturers Xuan Taiwan a high-end industrial blower, the quality of the products and production technology overtook Germany EBM in the industry, a leading position in the industry. Xuan Yafeng machine company was founded in 1982, is located in Taiwan Kaohsiung county. In mold making, injection molding, plastic injection, fan development process, the company has rich experience in recent 30 years. Design and development company specializing in AC/DC cooling fan, centrifugal fan, axial fan, blower, radiator, is committed to providing supporting service product quality for household appliances, office equipment, aerospace industry, automobile fittings, ventilation system, machinery and equipment, communications equipment and other industries. Products include AC centrifugal fan machine, multi wing blower, metal axial flow fan, fan and other series of cooling fan products, full range of specifications and sizes, trustworthy products. After all my colleagues in the company for many years of dedicated efforts, the Xuan Yafeng machine has become a famous brand in the
fan industry.
The wind machine factory production building
Xuan Yafeng machine products all timber is after many years of working experience in engineering personnel selection test, the best quality to ensure the highest quality level of our. The performance of fan Xuan of excellence, with Germany, Japan's well-known brand comparable. The characteristics of Xuan machine is: low current, low power consumption, high quality, short delivery, have a very good price advantage. Moreover, the company each product before shipment, will undergo a full, detailed quality inspection process, ensure the quality of our products exceed customer expectations. Company's products to the military quality as its mission, the factory products five years of quality assurance services. Xuan Yafeng machine continuous development and innovation, in recent years, companies invest a lot of energy, design and development of a variety of new products. Products include AC centrifugal fan; multi wing blower; metal axial flow fan series products, full range of specifications and sizes, trustworthy products. Welcome new and old customers visit the company Webpage, get the latest product information. The company always uphold the professional, high quality, integrity of the business philosophy; actively with the world brand collaborative development forward-looking products, accelerate the expansion of global sales office to strengthen the delivery and service to customers; integration of resources use technology to create a commercial multi. The wind machine will be your best choice in the field of application of fan.
As a sales - Taiwan Xuan wind machine in the China solid strong science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a production partners we have ISO certification in Chinese domestic and Taiwan, in the fan industry has more than 20 years of research and development, production and sales experience, and always improving, constantly innovation. The company's product safety certification fan by many countries including UL, CUL, CE, ROHS, TUV and other international certification report. Factory perform quality control strictly, in pursuit of the goal of zero defects. Our R & D department, quality control department and production department to pay close attention to the new technology, new methods to improve product quality and stability. Because we have a group of the most indicators of customer groups, they are APC. Samsung, HP, AT&T LG, Lucent, Sun, Microsystems, Cisco, Nortel, Philips, Chrysler, MageneTek, Solectron, Aiwa, Radyne, ComStream, RAID, Harman Group etc. 


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