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R & D capability

To continue to adapt to the demand of market, the sub constantly introducing advanced talents, introducing large R & D & testing equipment, enhance R & D capability, new product development and design of many competitive. Companies supporting the mold manufacturing department, design department, plastic injection, die casting department, Bei Qiquan, to the maximum extent to meet the timeliness of new product development the.

The new import large R & D & testing equipment

Semi - no sound room
* use the latest semi no sound room, dimensions for fan industry
* low background noise to: 10 dBA (DB)
* no sound room size: 800x600x430 cm 550x370x280 cm external

 The air flow rate and pressure test equipment (wind tunnel)
* test range up to 1300 CFM
* updated test equipment, the maximum range of up to 20000 CFM construction completed

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